Critical Failures

by Skull Puppies

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Kidd Cosmos
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Kidd Cosmos Nerd Hutch (and the rest of the album) is just so fun to yell in my car. FOUR WALLS, TWO FLOORS, AND NINE CLASS YEARS. it never gets old! Favorite track: Nerd Hutch.
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released June 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Skull Puppies Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Three-piece nerdcore punx making a racket about loneliness, love and Dungeons & Dragons. Now on

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Track Name: Nerd Hutch
I wrote this song in the basement of a place I used to work,
Where a change was coming fast but we all tried to make it last.
This is where I go to drink tea and read comic books and play D&D,
Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.

Because old friends move away yeah,
People need to change.

But four walls, two floors and nine class years,
Make that pain seem much more tangible,
They make the difference clear.
Four walls, two floors and nine class years,
Of community and solidarity.

"Do you remember the time when...?" is a sound that I adore,
And playing games of Would You Rather makes me miss this even more,
There's scattered dice on the front desk,
There's a creep at the back, there's a bike in the way,
There's a ghost that haunts the dungeon below,
And I like it that way.

Hold on, don't let up.
Hold on, I know it's shit,
And we might not live through it,
But the best thing about memories,
Is they're always yours to keep,
And no one knows what's coming next,
Or if it's gonna be for the best,
'Cause things don't always go to plan,
But we'll all be travelling on, man...
Track Name: Black Dogs
I'm getting older,
Maybe too old to be hanging at night clubs like I was 15 again,
But all these black dogs are kicking at my heels,
And this is the only way I can lose them.

Let's stay up all night,
And we can drink and smoke and kiss in the low light,
Anything to feel alright,
We'll watch Ghost World on DVD a thousand times,
Quoting every word.

But what's the use?
What am I to you?
The split was a bummer,
But I'm off all summer,
I'll dust off and start again.

I live alone now,
And though I'm by myself, I'm never that lonely,
I've wanted this for so long,
I wasn't happy,
It's taken eighteen months to figure it out,
I was an eighteen year old kid.

I know you told me,
I'd never meet another person quite like you,
And fuck you 'cause you were right,
But I don't want that,
I want an exorcist to vanquish your ghost from my mind with her smile.
Track Name: I'm Not Punk
I'm not punk,
All I ever give a shit about is what everybody else thinks,
I'm not punk,
I change my mind about as many times as I drown it in drink,
I'm not drunk,
I always pass out on the pavement like this, I am a masochist.

I bought a denim jacket,
But I couldn't hack it,
When I wanted to sew a patch on the back,
I had to ask for help from me mam.
Track Name: D&D and Asexuality
Why do I surround myself with friends,
And fight the way I feel for them out of a fear that things will end?
Why do I still fall in love with everyone I meet?
Always figured it was just 'cause I was lonely.
We should have waited, I should have said,
Before we climbed into my bed.

"Jack, check them out. Don't you think they're hot?"
Does it really fucking matter if I think they are or not?
Just wanna know what comic books they read,
Wanna know if they play D&D.

Am I a zombie if I don't want in your pants?
You'll find my mind is much more sexy if you just give it a chance.
I wanna go for a ride with you but only literally,
I'd love to hang at your place if you've actually got coffee.
I love you so much but not that way,
I don't wanna take that step, I just want you to stay.

"But don't you think I'm hot?"
I don't know if I'm qualified to answer that or not,
Just wanna know what comic books you read,
I wanna know if you play D&D.

It's perfectly fine to like your hand inside of mine,
Without having procreation on my mind,
It's plausible to crave for your affection,
Without simultaneously sporting an erection.
It's true what they say about 'most guys',
But it's also true what they say about lanky ginger freaks and speccy four-eyed geeks,
So walk with me. talk with me.
Do you have any good comic books to read?
Do you fancy a game of D&D?
Track Name: Meaningless Molecules
The black sheet of night was punctured with starlight,
We were messed up but feeling alright,
Fantasy will murder me.
We're meaningless molecules in the darkness,
But yours is a light I wish some day to harness,
I am the sea, I'll drown my enemies.
But my love is like the sand in your shoe,
Shake it out.

I'm burning to death, I'm harbouring crushes,
Follow the heart attacks, go where the rush is,
Kill yourself to spite your mental health.
Most nights I feel so Log Lady lonely,
Trapped in the Black Lodge, hungry and bony,
The pale horse comes but I turn and run.

I took this quiz online that said I was in the prime of my life,
So how come I feel like a stunted teenager half the time?
And why do I still think it's cool when bands swear in their fucking songs?
I've been living in a treehouse all along.

It's meaningless,
We're meaningless,
I'm meaningless to you.
Fuck you.