Venus Crytrap

by Skull Puppies

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Kidd Cosmos
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Kidd Cosmos Hard sell between Glovebox and the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun cover, both are so great! Glovebox really speaks to me however. Favorite track: Glovebox.
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artwork by Phoebe Stella Garrick Summers.


released October 24, 2014

All songs by Skull Puppies except 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper.



all rights reserved


Skull Puppies Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Three-piece nerdcore punx making a racket about loneliness, love and Dungeons & Dragons. Now on

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Track Name: Glovebox
There were red-blue lights in the street outside when it died,
There were things unheard, there were lip-synched words, I was a satellite.
And you never knew but I was there with you, an object in your glovebox listening to the fire burning out

Ian's right, I treat my life like a skate trick where I know I'll hurt myself,
I took the bones of this relationship and tried to clear that shit with a triple kick flip,
Still I close my eyes and I act surprised not to find the ground beneath me.
When I fall, when I fall, when I fall.
And what a fucking bail.

It was like a fucking horror show when you cut me loose,
But this is not Evil Dead and my name's not Bruce,
I got my life back even if I'm the living dead now.
Track Name: Breaktime Broadsword
I never understood why it felt so cool,
To be wearing black and fake feeling blue,
'Cause we all learned hard lessons from adolescence,
We sang sticks and stones to heal broken bones,
But the worst things come from your own sick guts,
Not those short-lived breaks or those shallow cuts.

There are scars you wear like badges,
There are scars you want to hide,
There's a broadsword cutting up your fucking insides,
And this song is for the ones who survive.

You think about the friends who extended their hands out to you,
The way you feel so ashamed just for causing them to,
The bathroom door that you lock behind you,
Raise your knees to your face, let the dark remind you.
You feel fucked and you probably are fucked.
But I'm here at least, I won't insist on speaking,
I will douse this house in gasoline if you wanna strike your match and burn it clean.

You wanna trade this pain for one more mild,
Like the arm you broke when you were a child,
'Cause the break that really makes you hurt,
Is the one you take on your own at work,
Where your thoughts swell up and your nerves start screaming,
Daily tasks have lost all meaning,
The folks you know seem to come and go but you are not alone.
No, you are not alone.
Track Name: Spellcasting: F-U-C-K
There's a new mess in the darkness,
The only witness is an accomplice,
Behind a glass screen you won't hear me scream,
I'm talking to walls, fighting with trolls, smashed my face on the floor,
I'm trapped inside a Knightmare,
Screaming out 'Save me Treguard!'

I guess I wasn't alright,
When I said 'it's alright',
And in the middle of the night,
When I want to sleep but these sheets don't fit me right,
I feel alive but my heart's been set alight,
I wanna die, except I don't really wanna die,
I mostly cry, I guess the lack of reason's why,
It's not really loneliness or emptiness it's just the sense I've lost control of things.

I tried to run the campaign,
I ran away,
I needed critical hits,
I got critical fails,
I've been levelling up,
But I'm feeling the same,
I tried casting spells, wishing wells,
I fucked it up, I had to bail.

For the things I said, spell casting F
For the things I'll do, spell casting U
For the mess I'll be, spell casting C
For every single fucking worthless day, spell casting K